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ZTE ZXA10 C220 Kit

Описание ZTE ZXA10 C220 EPON OLT equipment,Optical Line Terminal,generator room netcore,middle size,better than C200 Multiple interfaces;One service board, the model is EPFC, with four optical ports and four SFP modules; Two control boards, the model is GCSA, with cable control port, SD memory card ports, etc., as shown.An EIGM board, it is with four cable ports and 2 SFP fiber ports and the modules.A rack fan, it is including six small fans; 48V power connector; UPLINK port and LINK ports.4 fc / lc jumpers, 4 fc / sc jumpers;two labels, 24 small ones of each label;one bag of 20cm straps, one bag of 10 cm straps.A cross-over RJ-45 cable, an RJ-45 turns 9-pin male RS-232 network cable,an RJ-45 turn 9-pin female RS-232 network cable.